• The global coffee industry continues to be a powerful growth engine for economies across the world. From seminars to traineeship, the EUCA supports all activities that accelerate the development of the global coffee industry. Our membership also aims to encourage education, training and research to provide the best, reliable, and expert validated industry-specific insights to our members.

  • Changes in the global coffee industry have followed a cyclical pattern. And everything comes in stages. In the coffee industry, those stages are called ‘waves’. The previous 1st, 2nd, 3rd waves have been developmental and progressive. These waves contributed to the mass production, adoption, and distribution of coffee. Our vision is to introduce a new wave of coffee. Through constant knowledge exchange and collaboration with our industry-leading experts, the EUCA is setting standards at the forefront of the global coffee industry.

While stimulating growth and setting standards are two very important parts of our vision, the EUCA believes the most vital part of our vision is fostering global coffee communities. The EUCA and its members are committed to reaching out to global boundaries to learn the difference and work together to create true goodness. We want to share good values and create excitement within communities, and contribute to introducing a new wave of coffee.